How To Create Whatsapp Group Link

How To Create Whatsapp Group Link
How To Create Whatsapp Group Link

Create Whatsapp Group Link – Whatsapp was created only in 2009 but whatsapp was very poor at that time, that is why whatsapp was not presented to the world, the latter designed it well and made a complete improvement and launched it in a very short time. And proved very useful.

Today we will learn about a small part of whatsapp.

How To Create Whatsapp Group Link

Whatsapp group can add a maximum of 256 members, we connect the members with the whatsapp contect number, for which we have to save the contect list of the numbers to which the whatsapp group has to be added, then later we can add even easier ways to the whatsapp group There is a link to whatsapp group to add members from and through link any person can connect which can also prove to be dangerous for the group sometimes. (Ie any wrong person can easily join the group through the link )) 

Let’s know how to create a whatsapp group link

  1. First click on whatsapp in your smartphone, that is, open whatsapp.
  2. Link can only be created by the admin of the group.
  3. You open your group and end only the group whose link you want to create.
  4. Now if you click on 3dot inside the group, you see a lot of options.
  5. Those options will have first options group info, click it.
  6. Then the complete information of the group will come in front of you and in the last click the option named invite via link.
  7. A page will open in it, in which you will see a whatsapp group link.
  8. Below the link there will be four more options, through which options you like, you can share the group link.

I tried in a very few words about whatsapp and whatsapp group link creation and I think I would have been able to give you information about whatsapp group link creation.


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