How WhatsApp Makes Money?

How WhatsApp Makes Money?

In 2009 introduction of WhatsApp has been done by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. It is an alternative to all the expensive SMS services. It let individuals share content with their friends and family easily. But now the question arises how it makes money. For the same, here we are discussing the things to make things clear. How WhatsApp makes money?

Through advertisement, WhatsApp does not generate any revenue. The founders keep things into consideration and hated advertisements as well. This is an ad-free platform. But these days they need to pay for the bills as well. By keeping the same into consideration, they come up with a paid version, and the annual fee is of $1 per year.

What is the plan with which they are moving ahead?

In 2014 Facebook acquire WhatsApp, and after it the whole income is dependent on it. The manner in which Facebook is generating income in the same manner WhatsApp is doing so.

Now the developers are moving ahead and integrating multiple features that excite users to use it more. The more users will be going to use, the more owner of Facebook will be going to get the money. Read Also – Who Owns WhatsApp?

A few years back, they come up with WhatsApp business, which let users build up their business profile, and it is verified from WhatsApp as well. This clearly indicates that from every side, the developer is generating money.


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