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CEO Of WhatsApp

CEO Of WhatsApp – WhatsApp is among those applications that are serving users with the best features from the time of its origin. It was founded in 2009, and from that day till yet, it comes up with multiple features that are just breathtaking. Ups and downs are part of life, and WhatsApp went through the same. Do you know about the CEO of WhatsApp and what he has to say about it? If you are not aware of the CEO of WhatsApp, you are on the right page. Let’s discuss him and the motive with which he is moving ahead.

Who Is The CEO Of Whatsapp

Will Cathcart is CEO of WhatsApp, and he was granted this post in March 2019. He is among those people who always came in front whenever WhatsApp faced some criticism. We all are aware of the fact that these days certain rumors were going on where the news came out that WhatsApp will be going to track the personal data of people, but CEO Will came in front and let people feel sure that no such trouble will be there with their privacy at all. He also mentions in a post on Twitter that WhatsApp will be going to function in the same way as it was functioning earlier.

Steps taken by the CEO:-

The major steps taken by the CEO include the way in which WhatsApp is right now. All the features integrated with WhatsApp let users rely on it a lot, and this made others feel safe while they are using it. The best part is to never ignore if a user is going through any problem. Whenever there is an update with WhatsApp, he used to check it out in detail and then let people utilise it. He always works at the back and head people in getting the best only.

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