WhatsApp vs Skype Application Comparison 2021

WhatsApp vs Skype

WhatsApp and Skype are highly recommended application applications somewhere function in the same manner, but the objective with which these are moving ahead is entirely different. And multiple features are there which make these applications differ from each other.

Talking about WhatsApp vs Skype, there is a lot. Let’s get started so that a person can get an idea about it.

WhatsApp vs Skype

  • Skype in the application that allows people to use VOIP, whereas WhatsApp doesn’t introduce it earlier.
  • Skype is a must consider toys for users during the call with the help of computers and tablets, whereas WhatsApp is a considered choice for users having a Smartphone.
  • Skype comes up with a more robust feature set as compared to WhatsApp as it is focused on calling only.
  • Type is available as a free and premium both whereas WhatsApp is free to use.
  • Is type is mainly a computer to computer application whereas WhatsApp can be used on both the devices.
  • Skype allow people to engage in conference video calling with almost 20 people at the time whereas WhatsApp allows engaging in a conference call with maximum to maximum of 8 people.
  • Skype is a business-oriented application whereas WhatsApp is available for individuals and get and business and others as well.
  • No business account is there for Skype, whereas business account facility is available for WhatsApp.
  • The estimated users of Skype are almost 1.50 million as of 2018, whereas WhatsApp has estimated 1.6 billion users as of 2018.
  • Skype is an application which is quite heavy as compared to WhatsApp.

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Conclusive words:

Both of the application serves people with enormous features and help individuals to engage in communicating effectively. It depends on the user which one they are choosing. But is do matters in which business they are engaged. Accordingly, a user can get the best.


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